We fulfill your after-sales services and maintenance needs in terms of the periodic or as-required maintenance or repair of equipment as a manufacturer or supplier, during and after a warranty period.




Your vital equipment deserves expert support. Optimus specializes in this aspect as the provision and development of tailored and customized solutions is only one part of our story as we also provide comprehensive installation and maintenance services via a highly trained team of trade professionals.

Optimus can support you in product operation with a comprehensive package of services to ensure you receive the expected return on investment.

  • Installation. Who better to install the equipment than the supplier? With intimate knowledge of the design and operational parameters, Optimus is in a unique position to make sure that equipment is installed properly. Also, our clients gain the benefits of dealing with one company throughout the process
  • Spare Parts. Our dedicated Service team is available to provide expert advice and support so the right parts for your asset are selected. We have all your equipment and system details on file for fast and accurate identification to supply you as quickly as possible.
  • Services & Maintenance
    • Preventative Maintenance. Breakdown prevention is not a matter of luck, it’s a science in its own right. A preventative maintenance regime is crucial to the proper operation of your vital equipment. With ever increasing demands on the time and expertise of your workforce, Optimus’ Service Technicians have the expert skills and knowledge to fulfil your preventative maintenance needs, saving time and providing the reassurance your equipment is covered.
    • Upgrades. Design and operational parameters can change within the life of an asset. With a designer’s knowledge of equipment and an installer’s understanding of operations, Optimus can best determine and provide upgrade options to match your requirements.
    • Troubleshooting. Have you ever bought something that doesn’t work, or doesn’t fully deliver on its promises? Do you have the expertise to recognise when equipment is under performing or under stress? Optimus offers comprehensive support of the system and all components to identify and fix any problems you may experience.
  • System Optimization & Audits. Do you know if your equipment is working properly, how to achieve the greatest efficiency, minimize operation and maintenance costs and maximize service life? Optimus can provide system audits with advice on equipment and operational parameters to get the most out of your assets.
  • Maintenance Agreements. Do you require your staff to be fulfilling functions other than maintenance work? Does your business lack the in-house expertise to manage your equipment? Optimus can assist. Talk to us about your requirements and we can create a Maintenance Agreement to match your needs, giving you the surety that your assets will work, guaranteed.
  • Emergency Repairs. There is never a convenient time for a breakdown. Optimus can mobilise the right resources to get your system up and running as soon as possible.


  • Ensuring efficient and sustained functioning of safety and security systems.
  • Enhanced productivity and proficiency.
  • Conservation of assets and cost saving.