Premier Level EHS Management Certification

  • Created by EHS managers
  • For EHS managers of all disciplines
  • Confirmation of safety and business management abilities
  • Accredited by CESB
  • Accredited by ICAC

High Level EHS Management Certification

  • Authenticates on-the-job EHS management skills
  • Confirms technical knowledge
  • Establishes credibility
  • Accredited by CESB
  • Accredited by ICAC

Mid Level EHS Management Credential

  • Immediate qualification for grads of ABET/Board Approved programs
  • Value added designation without exam requirement
  • A stepping stone to CSHM

Certified School Safety Specialist

  • Developed by School Safety Experts
  • Recognition of on the job experience
  • Meets Employer requirements for career advancement

Certified School Safety Manager

  • Validation of School Safety Management Education and Experience
  • Administrative Level School Safety Certification
  • Ideal for resource officers and facility managers.